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Six bullets

Yesterday I was watching a picture in which it is based upon a story of a victim who have been through kidnapping, drug trafficking, child trafficking. these are the evils of society and most of us want this evil to move away however still it has its roots across the global and its expanding day by day. An american girl of 13 year old kidnapped from home beside of her family at home but they did not know whr she went. Neither her family threaten nor they recive any call from any one pretending a kidnapper so father of the girl went to his friend who is a butcher and x army men. this person is mentally sharp and physically strengthfull and has contacts with big person so He contacted with everyone to get in deep. while her father went to several bars and dance clubs to know whereabouts of her daughter but he did not even know anything of her. beside of having tension he was listen so many aggressive and hatred remarks for her daughter that she must have been enjoying and fu*** etc. in…
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Neeraj Jain & Chaudhary Sahab argument

Bonding has its own strength and weekness because when you have bonding you tends to expect that other person would care for you when you would in need. and it has its advantages too because you get the luxury of talking to that person in free mind. In our Yoga team there are two persons who come reguarlarly and have been there from last two years and people used to give the example of their bonding and they are known as mama bhanja and they are Mr Bhopal Singhji and Neeraj Jain ji. when there is an event in anyone of them home and both helps each other to take care to check the things run smoothly. last week there was a Neeraj uncle's daughter marriage so lot of work and lot of preparation was happening in his home so to free him with some responsibility our yoga team went in his home in courtesy and seek if anywhere help was required. Neeraj sir told me specially to be there in case of anything so since the things was happening on Saturday so I also took off and went there to s…


girls see relationship as car and boys thinks relationship as an aeroplane. Girls needs only driver and we boys presumes ourselves as Pilot. Girls don’t want overcomittment just they do want that you drive it carefully at a nice momentum and in case there is turn on the way then you turn easily and in case there is bumper on road then you drive smoothly. boys want their relationship to run as a aeroplane speed from 0 to 800 in few seconds and boys do commitment beyond their area as to drive aeroplane at the height of 500000 km and then they think why this plane is not running in autopilot mode. intially boys don’t engage with their girls in emotional understanding and then these boys come to complaint that why these girls always cry but boys needs to re think when doing commitment. when I had break up with my girl I used to spent my maximum time alone. Good thing about breakup you start finding meaning in song lyrics. I used to neither discuss anything to anybody, keeping myself lock…

Power of chanting OM

Once there was a man who begun to wondering about true wisdom and he went most of parts of world but he did not find true wisdom. So he was asked to visit saint or sages where he can grove his thirst of wisdom. He went to a sage which was very renown in that town and sought the knowledge. Sage agreed to give wisdom in a condition if he agrees to serve him for five years. Then this person agreed and started serving him. When tenure of five years ended, he asked about wisdom. Sage offered him true wisdom on condition if that person would not disclose the way he attained the wisdom. This person agreed and vouches to keep the secret confidential. Sage told him to chant "OM" and said to him that this way he will gain the wisdom. This person happily came back home and try to do what sage asked to him to do. He begun to chant OM so many times in a day and try to analysis what change is he getting in his body mind and soul. One day he saw that his milkman also chanted OM when he us…

Modi and taxes- Vipul Goyal

If I ask how many modi fans are there in any forum then I would find approx 70% population have modifever in every forum.
When modi's tenure started that time tax rate used to be 12.36% then it was raised upto 14% then after a short period of time it was raised upto 14.5% and finally now GST is 18%.
Modi is so manipulative person that he won’t let you know his intent to increase the burden on your pocket and in his every topic you get convinced. You beleives that it is mann ki baat but always it is tax ki baat. :).
whenever he comes to speech he plays emotional card to you.
i remember once modi came in t.v with his speech and he asked that "mitro should India be neat and clean" and you say yes it should be neat and clean as you think u dont keep clutter in hard disk and when it comes to nation it should be clean too".
you get agree spontaneously the moment you were asked the question and then modi policy related to make india clean implmented and so taxes too.
now yo…

Family group whats app group -Vipul Goyal

Family group whats app group is the most boring groups in whats app as every one there trying to sell themselves to others.
such as I have observed my mother usually send msg to whatsapp group in begning of the day that "God could not be everywhere so he created mother".
so now we sister and brother tend to reply on the message as like it has touched the bottom of heart and we both used to reply as "ohhhh" and "so sweet".
then suddenly what we see father got insecure afterwards as he see that mother is taking credit in everything then he himself prepared a poem and shared with us.
he sent that poem in group with lines "when mother was scolding you then someone making you mild and that person is your father. Agree that mother makes home heaven but for that heaven someone is struggling to finance that home from HDFC and that person is your father".
and there are about six seven lines afterwards where my father took credit of his character.
when I…

Yoga sansthan kendra - 60th day

Today I went to 60th sansthan Kendra diwas at rohini yoga Kendra. As normal we ( DLF Yoga practioners ) left from dlf at 5 and reached to Yoga center at 6’O clock. Thereafter we all relieved once reaching there and joined the assembly area where program was held.
Today topic was related to pranayam and the speaker Deshraj ji elaborating many things about how one attain a long meditation posture which helps one to get lost in inner peace and happiness. One needs to continuous focus on his sigh and chakaras to get the maximum benefit of it and by maintaining the proportionate relationship with your body mind and soul, one may go into the depth and can rejunevate each cell and nerves out of it.
One should do daily mediation atleast for 15 mins and over the time person see a big transformational changes in himself as well as his thinking. His thinking gets wider propective and instead of thinking for himself only the person tends to think about the welfare of all.
This knowledge session …