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It is the world where you feel more lively and lovely and feels bond with one another. it’s a very nice feeling between one or more person and enable sense of caring in each other. love is not limited to its promise and commitment and honestly and cleverness it has its own miles and this way there would be higher chances of having bonding even if you have differences of opinions and small glitches in mind but this feelings may control you to have bonding with person. It can last for short duration or can last endless time and its tenure depends on how long you will have the feelings with each other. it’s kind of understand more over tuning and having the objective of living conjugally living with may be matching thoughts or matchless thoughts.

It’s a way of having a respect and trust in each other even in case unpredictable or hopeless situation.
It’s not limited to particular situation it’s the way how you want to feel to make the moment beautiful and the moment you get the person y…
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Once Tadha ran the Ayodhya Kingdom

Once upon a time King Dashrath in a search of prey lost in jungle and could not come for several months. He got tired after few days and he sought for help but no one came. He prayed to God that if someone could arrange some water for him.

A lady (witch) came there and asked King that why he is worried. Then King Dashrath said, "He is dyeing without water and if she could arrange some water for him". Tadhka brought some water for him and King Dashrath grove his thirst out of it and said to Tadhka that she may wish like to have any wish from him and if he could fulfill her wish then he would feel honor".

She was feeling that this is the time where she can make her life and she wished a thing and said, "Oh King, Your kingdom is wealthy and beautiful and your courageous and kindness is famous in entire planet and what if you make me run your kingdom".

King felt strapped after listening her wish and he thought that Tadhka belongs to Devil community and if I let h…

Emoji- an art of writing

As the social media evolving everywhere evolving around the world and you have to type lot of text message or post to express what’s in your head and heart related as per time and mood. to enable to faster there is another world where you may go and that is emoji world. In a survey it is found that emotions in chats gives more appeal to the reader then text message.
Emoji improves expressions when writing a message and convince the reader more and non-emoji writing.
it affects the person emotionally more and it increase the chances of getting the revert back because reader would be reading it and its expressions and long text message have a higher chances of ignorant due to timeliness in reading and would need higher attention and person thinks that he would read when he would be in free time.
emoji comes in several symbols it’s just your choice whether you wish to use happy emoji or sad emoji, embarrass emoji, upset emoji, anger emoji, feeling wonderful emoji, love emoji, broken emo…

Badminton- A nice game for your health

Badminton is played world widely and every person understand it’s important in making your body healthy.
high intensity workout -As per WHO recommendation we need to do high intensity workout for 2 and half hours and for that badminton is also as an option by which you may qualify your workout. 
Improve judgment - when you hit the racket on shuttle it requires high focus as well as you navigate the shuttle within the line of opponent side so you may need to always cautious that shuttle does not fall beyond the line otherwise your opponent attains the point on each wrong through.
Accuracy -  it is required you to play within the line of court and controlling your play within the line improve your accuracy. You may need to guess on your side as well where shuttle are falling and if it going outside the line and if you unnecessary covering it then you may lose the opportunity to attain the point. 
Flexibility- when you moves around the court as to not letting shuttle fall down within th…

Sex worker is good or bad for society

It’s a very nice topic to write on. I am sharing my views and it can be differ so I respect other views too. A sex worker is a person who is employed in the sex industry. It’s not like that this kind formed a year or 100 years back although sex worker is there in society from ages. In many epics we have read that these kinds of women plays important role when there is need of enjoyment. when their time for victory for any king then soldiers are provided dancer and sex worker for their enjoyment, satisfaction and relaxation. In mughal age, to welcome any person in the kingdom, these sex workers get the person satisfy with music, dance and sex. Even today these workers provide relieve in exchange of some cash. I would say that these workers are required however this should be legal in terms giving them freedom so that these workers can do on their own wishes.
it has its ill side too, it has been observed that poor and weak economic section child and girls trafficking in this sex trade …

Muslim Women

unlike Hindu women, Muslim women has to deal many atrocities from starting as they don’t allow to go for higher studies as marriage is only destination set by their family for them. Their families do not even allow them to go in mosque place as it is believed that if they go to mosque then they may impure the place and most the life they live their life within the boundaries of walls and even there is dedicated place for all women in the house and whenever anyone come in their home then no women are allowed to move freely at home until guest does not go from house. I mean how crap. Why so many restriction. Are they don’t feel secure or they don’t faith on their own women that if they move freely then they may get love or friendship or will share feeling with other ones.

Due to cowboy thinking they are making their women feels low confidence when dealing with practical life. due to non higher education of these women, they have less chances to grow in career and even need to live thei…


Once there was a Priest who was poor and used to think for himself. He used to earn his livelihood on basis of what he gets from others in consideration of worship and other ritual things. One day when he was traveling from city to his village after dispute his duties what he assigned, he met to God Krishna. God said to him that "I am happy about your dedication towards virtues you promote and work you are doing so you may ask anything from me". On listening this he got very happy and begun dreaming lavishing and luxurious lifestyle for himself and his families and asked a valuable thing from God. Upon knowing what Priest wondering, God gave him "neelmani" (a Valuable stone) to him and got invisible from there. A thief (Daku) was passing from there and he saw Priest was having something and upon knowing that someone is near to him he hidden that thing. Thief saw and asked, "What you are hiding, show me". Priest feared from Thief and showed what it was. T…